Commission a Painting

Original artwork is unique and so meaningful. I love creating something which is so personal.

When I am asked to do a painting for a new client there are a couple of important steps I like to take. 

1. Meet to discuss what kind of look and feel is wanted. I urge clients to show me pictures, photographs and colour ideas of what they love. I show them other paintings I have done and images to get an idea of what they love. 

2. I meet clients at their house or business to measure up the perfect size canvas (unless they know) and bring colour swatches to determine the range of colours to use. I do this within the actual room the painting will be hung. Often lighting and other colours within a room can change colour substantially.

Gallery standard canvases are built using 10oz 100% cotton canvas; they're stretched over 33mm deep heavy duty kiln dried pine stretcher bars.  Canvases are undercoated in two coats of acid free titanium white acrylic gesso.  Every piece is painted using professional artist quality acrylics and finished with a gloss varnish.  The varnish coat brings out the colour and protects your painting.  You can dust it or wipe it down with a damp cloth safely without damaging the paint.  Ready to hang with D-hooks and wire.

Apart from currently focusing on black and white with accent colours, I can paint any style at all. It can be as realistic or unrealistic as you wish! It can even be a drawing. 

If you are keen to explore getting a special original piece of artwork for your home, office or for a special gift, please click on 'find me' fill in your details and we can get started! 

Previous Commission Work

The Appin Inn

Acrylic on canvass 120 x 95

Commissioned by Walker Corporation 


The Appin Inn, a large but derelict stone homestead on the right hand side of Appin Road a few metres from the local shops.

Built in 1826 to operate as an inn, it changed hands in 1833, was renamed Union Revived Inn, was turned into a guest house, private residence and boarding house before its inevitable decline. 

The Walker corporation is redeveloping the Inn and wanted to add something special to the finished project, a painting of the original building to display within the new one. 

I spent a day on the premises and spoke to the locals who were all very interested and passionate about the Appin Inn. Some parts were missing as it was very run down however I tried to showcase what it was like in its glory days! 

Private client - Brisbane Water

Acrylic on canvas 210 x 180

I was given a photograph of the view from the clients front garden over looking Brisbane Waters at sunset. 


Private client - Sydney At Night

Acrylic on canvas 110 x 90

With this one I was given the brief of Sydney to be show cased as the client was from overseas and had fallen in love with Sydney. The colours to be used were to be minimal with yellow being the accentuating colour to suit the decor. 

Private client - Abstract

Acrylic on canvas  200 x 180

This was a very special job for a client who has completed their new home. At the entrance to the house was a recess with lighting waiting for a special piece. There was an artwork they liked and I used it as inspiration and changed it to make it their own. The colours we picked through looking at what specifically worked for their entry area holding up swatches and finding a range to use. It is full of texture and the colour placement draws you to move into the home.

Private Client - My Ireland Home

Acrylic on canvas 180 x 120

This one was for a special friend who has a home in Ireland! While here in Australia they wanted to have the view from their Ireland home in a painting. Although a very green scene in the photo it was important not to clash with her dark grey walls so I introduced a softer green and some mauves. 

"AJ's Blue Cow" Acrylic 125cm x 76cm