About Me

I have grown up with two passions always, animals and art! Until recently I kept art as a hobby and focused on both painting and drawing. Lately I have been enjoying Black and White Photography. Not everything looks good in black and white, but sometimes a picture feels like it is meant for black and white where the subtle tones can only be depicted in monotone.

I view the world as potential drawings and paintings and constantly marvel at nature and the sky as if it's an art show put on for us all to enjoy daily. 

I am self taught and have learnt through experience and experimentation. I do have some great genes to fall back on however! A successful artist in South Africa and Europe Douglas Portway, my great uncle. He kindly passed on a fair share of creativity to our family. 

I love black and white photographs and they have inspired my work lately. Black and white is all about light. It's subtle and it's unforgiving. To create movement and feeling with predominantly only two colours is something I strive to do well. 

I also paint in colour and love to burst out a series of bright abstract paintings or landscapes. Most of my commission work to date has been in colour. I have captured special moments for clients and friends of places they love or pictures that move them and I love to do so. 


I hope you enjoy my gallery!